Phoxi Friend Lens Wraps – Photography accessories

Hello everyone, For those that follow our fb page, you will know that we’ve launched a new product called Phoxi Friends Camera Lens wraps.

They are super adorable and work really well to get the kids attention.  click the link to the Kickstarter Campaign to see them in action and to pledge for your yours today.

Our Kickstarter Campaign is off to a good start. We are are at 17% of our funding goal on day 2. Thanks to all those who’ve pledged so far. We’ve seen comments and messages regarding where to purchase the Phoxi Friends and what Kickstarter is. When you pledge on Kickstarter, you are helping us to bring this product to life and to help get this product out there in the photography community.

The first step is to click the link to the Kickstarter Campaign…/phoxi-friends-camera-lens-wra… and then choose your pledge level. You are essentially preordering our product. For example, when you pledge $18, you will get to choose any of the Phoxi Friends. For those that want to support the project, but don’t need a Phoxi Friend Lens Wrap, you can pledge $1.00 to show your support. All is very much appreciated and we’re very thankful for everything. Our daily contests start tomorrow. Please share with the photography community.

Kickstarter phoxi friend


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